Recruitment Process Service (RPS)

BGB PERSONNEL GROUP, since 2005 based in Kiev, Ukraine is one of the flexible and most successful provider with Services in Recruitment, Search and Sellection of any level of qualified staff for the different sectors of any business activity as for the production Cos as well as for the middle level LLC`s.

RPS by BGB GROUP provides as the corporate hiring as well single staff searching for candidates in all over the rigions of Ukraine.

We propose to our Clients the following scope of Recruitment Process Servises (RPOS):

  • Full Cycle Recruitment (FCR)

Purpose: for organizations with a consistent volume of staffing needs.

BGB offers:

-Consulting during acceptance of assignments
-Job advertisement placement on industries leading job sites and networks
-Sourcing & response management
-Candidate screening & interviewing
-Short listing
-Organizing, coordinating & managing interviews

-Reference validation & background checks

-Compensation negotiations

-Supporting client in preparing job offer letter to the final candidate

-Support to the candidate during resignation from previous job
-Support to the candidate and employer during trial period

  • Specific Needs Search (SNS)

Purpose: for occasional needs to fill specific position or several positions.

The cost of this service is considerably lower than using the full cycle recruiting service.

BGB offer:

-justify the cost of keeping a sourcing specialist on payroll
-professional recruiting specialist filters the resumes to find only best fitting candidates
-the client will have the chance to sell the job directly to the candidate.

  • Head Hunting (HH)

Purpose: to cooperate with the ell known and pretty high qualified professionals with the rare specializaion in a most famous and well known Cos.

BGB offers:

-strickt guarantee of its confidentiality for Both sides: Client- BGB -Employee during “hunting”

  • Date Base Cvs Search Only (DBCS)

Purpose: for the organizations to save time of its HR but to recruit in a most effective way with the help of special Cvs date base provided by the recruit company – BGB Group

  • Short List Sourcing Only (SLS)

BGB recruiters will identify candidates on its industry , pre-screen candidates via phone call, present CV’s of short listed candidates with attached Candidate Summary form.

In case of Your questions please do not hesitate to contact BGB GROUP`s consultants for more detail information per each service.

The Recruitment Department by BGB PERSONNEL GROUP, takes up to 7 days to fulfill the required position by the Client. We present you a short list of qualified candidates with recommendation letters of each candidate including performance lists of key experiences.

The qualified recruiters of Ours fully taking care of the whole bunch of search, selection and recruitment services in all business sectors, among them:

- IT/ Information Technologies
-Finance/ Investment
-Legal council, audit and other consulting Cos
-Gas, Oil sector
-Hotel/ Restaurant
-Auto and others…

Why we want You to work with us on Recruiting Issue ?

Each of our HR consultant, recruiter, psychologist or business trainer has its professional background and qualified experience that let him/her be responsible for requested tasks to manage nad fulfil it in a most perfect way as a reason to make the RPS most flexible and progressive:

-We create individual program of our proposal in details per each service to the client due to its request

-Due to variety of business activity (FMCG, Media, IT...etc) for recruiting service we provide the consultants who has experience exactly in requested business sphere for the searching positions.

-To close the position, We are rely upon not only on in Internet or media sources of searching but our own professional date base of staff.

-We also focus ourselves on Executive search! & on Head Hunting!

-We always provide the Client with recommendations about the potential employee before hiring.

-We do detailed interviewing including screening, technical and psychological tests.

-We guarantee the confidentiality to both Sides: Employer and Employee.

-We provide to the company the guarantee costless search of other candidate in case of its trial period failed, from 3 up to 6 months.